Friday, 3 March 2017

Key leaderrship role merit #4

On Thursday I came back from swimming trials and found out that we and a leadership meeting! Because we had a power outage lots of the leaders had gone home but there were still enough to do a proper meeting. Firstly the house captains went away and finished our slide show on the challenge that we will be announced at assembly. After the house captains finished that we all played a game called hot seat. Hot seat is where you have an audience and just one person on a chair Infront of the audience, and an anoncer who was Mr Mc Cleod, so Mrs Mc Cleld would announce the person in the hot seat as a make believe character, e.g I was named as skreak. And then you would have to answer all the questions the audience had in character. I showed active thinking by staying in character even though doing streaks voice was embarrassing.

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