Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kapa Haka merit post 5

Today was Kapa Haka. Firstly we had to take off our shoes, go into the hall and get into our lines that we learned at the start of the term. Next we sang a song while the non performance group was there and we sang he honore. After that the non performance people left the hall and went back to class. Straight after that we got into a song called Aoteroa by Stan walker witch we have been practicing quite a lot because it is a very hard song to learn. Lastly we sang a song that the school sang a log time ago and I knew all the lyrics because I was in kapa Haka that year! I showed active thinking by remembering where my spot in the line was so the teachers didn't have to find one for me along with all the other kids that couldn't remember.

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