Friday, 27 May 2016

Cross Country Zones Leadership Merit 5 (instead of kapa haka)

Today I went to zones because I came 2nd in my school race. This event was held at Halswell Quarry. First race was the year 5 girls, then year 5 boys, then year 6 girls and so on. This race was very well organised! when it was my race I was very nervous because I hate the start of any race and after that i,m fine. In the year 7 girls I cam 11th that means I will be going to Canterbury's because if you get in the top 12 you go.  I think I showed resilience by not walking or giving up!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My Short Story The Patches

For this piece of writing I have focusing on my vocabulary and punctuation. I have been learning to: I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.
  • use a range of precise vocabulary to communicate meaning (Year ⅞)
  • use all basic punctuation independently and attempt more complex punctuation (e.g semicolons, colons, parentheses) (Year 7/8)
The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal

My Story....
This is a story about a person named peanut that is 13 years old. He lives in a candy house with his Mum Coco who is 43, his Dad jelly bean that is 45 and his brother Sour who is 15 (he is a SOUR teenager) They are the Patch family.  They live in Lollipop city on Sour loops Lane; They are in a candy world where nearly everything is made of candy.

One day. Peanut decided to leave his candy house and go to the gummy bears concert.  So he went at 9:00pm and took the local minty express bus. It cost him 200 milk bottles to get there but it was worth it. He arrived at the Wobbly jelly stadium where the gummy bears were performing at 10:00pm he left an hour early because it took him 45 mints to get there.

He stayed at the concert for like forever but it went really quickly for him because he was having so much fun; but he was still guilty that his parents would not know where he was. And on top of that he was only 13 so his parents would be even more scared about him. He stayed there until about 11:00 which is when he takes the bus home alone and again 200 milk bottles down the drain, the gummy drop drain.

When he gets home he runs in and sees his Mum crying on the couch (as Peanuts Dad was at a movies with his friends and Sour was up stairs on his phone) because she saw the note Peanut had wrote earlier that said how much he hated his brother Sour because he was mean to Peanut.

Coco was devastated because she always thought that they got along so well. And she suddenly stops crying and shouts Peanut why are you so late from home! (new paragraph) I'm sorry Mum I went to see the gummy bears play at the wobbly jelly stadium” said Peanut disappointed. His Mum stormed up to her Jet plane room.

Peanut went to bed and ate some of his walls for dinner. And then went to his Pineapple lump made bed. With his gummy teddy he has kept from when he was 3 when his Granddad Chocolate died and Peanuts Grandma; Jaffa gave him his gummy teddy because he was very sad.

In the morning Peanut, Grandma Jaffa and his brother went to a movie on their own they went to see candy land in 3D, Peanut loves movies in 3D. But before they went in Peanut went to get Popcorn for the movie. Then they went in the movie and loved it. Peanut and Sour were having a massive fight of how they hated each other. But in the middle of the move they had to quickly evacuate the building because one of the sushi shop was on fire and it was spreading as fast as a race car.

Peanut ran out with Sour and Grandma Jaffa but Grandma Jaffa tripped and Sour went in the fire to go and save her she got up and ran towards Peanut, they ran out of the mall and got in the car. They realized that Sour wasn't following anymore and that he must have died in the fire because now the whole mall was on fire! They were very upset but they had to keep on going so they were safe as well.

They went all the way home. Then Peanut knew that his last word to him was I DON’T LIKE YOU SOUR YOUR SO MEAN he was crying just by the thought, meanwhile Grandma Jaffa was deadby the thought of him dieing trying to save Grandma Jaffa. They got home and Mum was already crying because she knew what had happened because it was on the news; and she was the most upset Peanut had ever seen her. Peanuts Dad was upstairs maybe crying too. But Peanut couldn't picture it because he had NEVER cried in front of Peanut or Sour.

2 weeks they are sort of used to Sour not being around anymore, but it IS hard for the family. They carry on in life and hope for the best of Sours life in candy heaven. They have so much fun at the new golf park they go to every Saturday now, after Soccer for Peanut and his team. They buy a farm and have lots of animals which they have found a new love for, farming and stuff like that, because they are all animal lovers. They all live happily ever after and eat off their old house!


Friday, 20 May 2016

Kapa Haka Leadership Merit 4

Today we did kapa haka but the Te hapua group had to go early because we had to car there because it was raining. At kapa haka we practiced poi and 3 songs, 1 i don't know, school song and he honoree. I think I showed community and respect because I was showing respect to everyone else (the community).

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Peer Mediation Leadership Merit 5

Today I went to do peer mediation and Jack H wasn't here so I asked Savannah to do it with Elizabeth and I. We solved a problem where a kid pushed someone else over but we thought that we weren't supposed to deal with physical stuff so we took him to a duty teacher. We solved another problem as well...well we thought it was a problem but then the little boy just started screaming and we were like "WHAT?! but in a nice way just panicking well it turned out he saw a flying ant so we explained to him that it was a Miskito  and he calmed down. I think I showed resilience by not giving up on peer mediation because I don't really want to do it but I did and that was good.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Technology Leadership Merit 6

Today I went to tech as we do on every Tuesday and go to Lincoln primary. I am in cooking for this rotation and normally we all do a recipe together and something that is kiwiana (well we still did have to do something kiwiana) but we do it in our groups and mine is Charlotte, Sam,Sam and I and we chose to make cheese and bacon scones. They were amazing. I showed active thinking by writing down the steps to make the scones, and so did the others in my group.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

ICT Leadership Merit 3

On Friday I helped deliver the i pods to a class (I cant remember what class) But I like the job because I think its a good chance to do something in the morning instead of doing nothing all morning for half an hour. I think I showed Excellence by actually helping out and not just doing ICT so I can blog about it, I actually do it because its a good role to be doing.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Kapa Haka Leadership Merit 3

Today we sung a lot of songs for kapa haka and we started practicing the short poi and the year 8 girls were doing long poi and the boys were doing the haka all at the same time so it got a bit loud. We sang two songs and then played with the poi's like I said I showed leadership by not rushing to the poi's like everyone else.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Getting involved Leadership Merit 3

Today I got involved by playing with my friends after I finished the meeting to get my sports uniform for the run bike run zones. We played donkey. That's where you pass the ball around then if someone drops it or does a bad pass they get a D then they get an O then N then K then E then finally Y then that person is out and you keep going until there is a winner.

Kapa Haka Leadership Merit 2

Today we did kapa haka and I think that the kapa haka group is coming along really well, we have great moves and lots of fun and singing of course. I like the lines because its a girls group on the left and a girls group on the right then boys in the middle. I think I showed leadership byn waiting for them to do their thinking and not being silly.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Peer Mediation Leadership Merit 4

Today I did peer mediation with my group. We solved a little kids problem about her friends not playing with her today (as all little kids have problems with) and we just sorted it out with her friends by asking them to all play together and have a group hug and everything worked out. I think I showed leadership by doing my duty and remembering because I can easily say that I could just pull out and play with my friends but I know to do it because it's good leadership.

Technology Leadership Merit 5

Today I went on the bus to technology, when my cooking group got there we made some muffins. These were kumara, onion and bacon muffins, I didn't really like them but some people did. I think I showed leadership by helping Charlotte my partner out when she was stuck because I am quite experienced with baking and cooking. I think I showed good values to my cooking teacher by listening to her and even when she got something a little bit wrong I corrected her but I did it NICELY.

Monday, 2 May 2016

I can describe the structure of a Short Story

Something I have learned about the structure of short stories is: Its not that short.

After reading some short stories two things I will remember when I write my own short story are not making it too long and making it short strong and punchy.