Friday, 11 August 2017

Distinction key leadership role 4

Today the leaders had a meeting in our classroom through morning tea, this is the first time we have ever had a meeting through morning tea because we usually have them just throughout the eating time. We mainly talked about the trip we are going on to do the mural and I cant wait it sounds like so much fun! I showed respect by listening and sitting quietly. I showed leadership by not worrying about having to do the meeting through lunch. I was a role model by giving ideas what we could do for the mural.

Distinction kapa haka 4

Today was kapa Haka and we started off by singing our main waiata which is Ka waiata. We sing this song with pride because all our school sings it and it is kind of like our school song because all our school knows it and sings it lots of the time. We then sang a new song that the teachers learnt when they went to the marae on the teacher only day. We then practiced out actions to all the songs and wrapped up. I showed community by singing with pride and listening to Matua. I showed leadership by  getting involved and committing to a group like kapa Haka. I was a role model by doing the actions and letting other copy me.

Distinction kapa haka 3

Today was kapa haka. Firstly we went to the hall and sat in our spots in our lines for the performances, but then Mrs Baker realized there were heaps of gaps in the lines so we re organised all the spots again and we had to try and remember them for the next weeks so we wouldn't have to ask and annoy the teachers. So the teachers took a photo of us in our lines so they could tell us where we sit if we asked the next week. Next we went through our whole list of songs and fixed things we needed working on. I showed excellence by trying to remember my spot so I didn't annoy the teachers. I showed leadership by turning up to kapa haka. I was a role model by showing people where to sit and once I was assigned a spot I waited quietly for the other people to get a spot.

Distinction key leadership role 3

Today we had a meeting about the mural we are doing. This time though, the lady fro Christchurch city council came and she told us where we were going to do it, when, and how and other stuff like that. She also told us we can all do a drawing of what we want on the mural on scrap paper and then she can give them all to a professional artist who can choose what one is the best and he can change some and then draw it on the thing we are doing it on, then we can color it in. She also said that the council will provide everything such as, paint, paint brushes, aprons, and more! I showed community by being nice to the lady and being thankful. I showed leadership by giving some ideas what we could do for it. I was a role model by being respectful to her and not wasting her time.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Distinction kapa haka 2

Today I did kapa haka and we firstly took off our shoes and then got in our lines for performances. We then practiced the basic songs like the school song and the simple ones with no actions. After that warm up we started to practice the songs with actions and recap them. We then focused on our volume and the boys haka. I showed community by actually singing. I showed leadership by getting involved and joining kapa haka. I was a role model by doing the actions and teaching others to.