Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Home learning challenge C3

I have taught my mum how to use google docs as she uses word docs. I showed her how to change the color and the texts and how to change the format, it is all different to word docs. I showed her how to use google drawing and how you insert images into the doc. Now she thinks that google docs is much easier to work so she will switch. At first she thought it was a bit tricky but then she got the hang of it.

Home learning challenge C9

Today we attended Christmas in the park. I have wanted to go to it for ages, I love Christmas in the park. Firstly we had to leave erly so we could get a good park and a good spot to sit so we could see whats going on the stage. When we got there we got such a good park and a good spot in the VIP area! We then sat down and waited until it was 7:00pm when it started. The first half was all about classical Christmas songs but then the second half was about pop songs. I love Christmas in the park.

Home learning challenge A9

I have made a song based on Don't put your blame on me by: Rag'n Bone man sinse this is a great song to choose if you want to base it on drums.

Home learning challenge R9

1. Doing the washing
2. Vacuuming my room
3. Cleaning up the outside gear
4. Cleaning the car
5. Cleaning the shoe rack
6. Bringing in the washing
7. Doing some of Baxters jobs (blinds, dishwasher)
8. Clearing my things out of the dining room
9. Watering the outside garden
10. Vacuuming the lounge
11. Cleaning the dog
12. Feeding the cat
13. Giving the dog water
14. Setting the table
15. Cleaning my room

Home learning challenge E6

My chosen career is a clothing designer. Before you want to go into this job just know clothing designing involves creating ideas for clothing and other fashion items such as bags, belts and hats. Clothing designers usually specialise in one area [of the fashion company]. There are no specific secondary educational requirements to become a clothing designer, but NCEA Level 2 in: technology, maths, English and art is preferred and there is about 1-3 years of training required. To become a clothing designer, a certificate, diploma or degree in fashion or textile design is recommended. To be a clothing designer you also need some personal requirements.

Some personal requirements you need are... to be creative and imaginative, motivated and dedicated, organised, confident, adaptable, able to work well under pressure, accurate, with an eye for detail; some of these are because if you were boring and you didn't know what the latest fashion was then you would make your client or the person you are designing for embarrassed to wear this, and they would be not happy. If you would like this job there are also some useful experiences so that you would have more of a chance to get into the job.

Lots of the useful experiences include having up-to-date knowledge of clothing styles (knowing what the trends are), knowledge of the history of fashion, design and drawing skills, knowledge of fabric types, colours and fabric care. These are important because if you don't have these personal requirements you might not have a good chance of getting into a job that involves this stuff, but if you do you will have a good chance of getting in.

I feel this would be a good job for me since I enjoy things like sewing and textiles and I feel I am very creative and have some drawing skills and have most of the personal requirements along with those two. 

Distinction kapa haka 10

Today at kapa haka we, firstly went to the hall and respectfully walked past the office quietly. Then we took our shoes off and sat in out lines. We then sang a warm up song then we got straight into it. We went through all our performance songs and tweaked some things we couldn't get right. We then chose the people that were doing the karakia and Sophie did it on behalf of both of us because she put her hand up first. I showed respect by being quiet while walking to and from kapa haka. I showed leadership by joining kapa haka and staying there and having a good time, looking on the bright sides of things even when Sophie gets to do the karakia not me. I was a role model because I volunteered to be someone to do the karakia in the first place.

Distinction kapa haka 9

Today at kapa haka we firstly went to the hall and got our shoes off and then went into the hall and sat in our lines that we got assigned for performances. We then started off with our school song then went through our performance songs that we are practicing for the gala. Me and Sophie have to do out own karakia by ourselfs and that is quite scary at times but now im used to it. I showed excellence by putting my hand up to do the extra karakia. I showed leadership by singing proudly and joining kapa haka in the first place. I was a role model because I was in my line and ready to go and not talking at the start.