Sunday, 26 March 2017

Home learning challenge E2

These are some questions I asked my Mums cousin Amy, we stayed with her when we were in Auckland to watch Adele.

1. What is your job and what part do you play in your job? A. Naturopath ( they work in natural medicine to help people who are not well become well, they do it through using diet and lifestyle) They use nutrition and herbal medicine. But Amy is a technical support person which means she would get phone calls or email or see her in person, tell her their sickness and Amy would tell them what some good options of medicine they could have to fix them, because she works for people that sell thousands of different medicines. 

2. What qualifications do you need to have to be a naturopath? A. You need to have your bachelor of Heath science deploma of herbal medicine and deploma of naturopathy. This will take you 3 years of learning/training.

3. Do you enjoy your job and why? A. Amy likes doing research and she has to do research because when she gets a patient she will research what natural medicine would be the best for this particular problem.

4. What tools do you use in your job? A. She uses lots of the Internet when people phone up and the patients tell her what's wrong with thier clients and if she didn't know what this particular condition is she would google it and then understand more, and also phone because she can phone the experts if there is someone that knows this condition better and they will tell Amy some other things about this.

5. What is an example that helps lots of people with thier health? A. Magnesium, because it helps with lots of different things and it works fast. Some of the things it helps is, stress, sleeping, cramps, headaches and some more. Magnesium relaxes muscles and nerves.

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