Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Excellence key leadership 10

Today the student leaders went to the ccc (Christchurch city council) to learn about what they actually do in our neighborhoods and to the parks and the buildings they own. Firstly we went into the function room which is just a big room with chairs that we could sit on. Then the lady who was showing us around (Celia) showed us this slide show she must have made up and it had stuff about how much water they use per day how many bins they collect from houses and stuff like that so we could see how busy they actually are. After we saw the whole slideshow we had a morning tea brake and we ate our food and sat down and talked. After the morning tea we meet up with someone who worked at the ccc in groups of three. I was with Savannah and Sophie which are some of my best friends so I was happy! We meet up with a lady called deb, she worked as a road designer which means she looks at the roads and tries to make them better if they don't have a curb or not enough road signs, and if so then she goes and fixes it. We then did an activity where you had a subject and some of them were...Event planning (the one Savannah, Sophie and I got) Park designing, and some more. We had to plan an event and have all the things we wanted in the event and then add up the cost and we had to be within the budget we got of $9000. After we finished this game we left the ccc and started walking to the sushi shop for lunch. After the lunch we started walking back to the bus stop to go back to school. I showed respect by listening to the Celia when she was sharing. I showed leadership by representing Oaklands school positively in the streets.

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