Thursday, 9 February 2017

Key leadership role merit blog post 1

Today the leaders had a meeting, because Mr L wasn't in the class we had Mrs McCleod. We were learning about how to actively speak in public, and I was nervous because I,m not very strong at speaking in public but today I learnt a lot and am feeling much more confident now. Firstly we had to read a poem to ourselfs, then pick a partner and read it to them (this was quite a hard poem to read) So I read my poem to Sophie and then she read it back to me. Then Mrs McCleod grouped us with one more person and we got put with Maddy. Next we read it to all of our group. After that we picked parts to read each and read the poem in front of the rest of the leaders. We then put back the poems, got a sticky note and put a random topic on it and handed it to Mrs McCleod (I put dogs) Little did we know we were going to be handed one of them and speak about that subject for a minute! That really helped us all. I showed respect by not laughing at peoples topics and the people who were really nervous to public speak.

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